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Product Highlights

  • 1" CMOS Sensor and DIGIC DV 5 Processor
  • Ultra HD 4K at 25p 305/205 Mb/s
  • H.264 Recording in MXF Wrapper
  • CFast 2.0 and SDHC/SDXC Card Slots
  • HDMI Output, Supports 4K Monitoring
  • 10x Zoom / 8.9 to 89mm Focal Length
  • f/2.8 to 5.6 Aperture Range
  • 160 to 20,000 ISO Range
  • Ergonomic Tilting Handgrip


With the PAL XC10E 4K Camcorder from Canon, professional Ultra HD 4K recording capability is presented in a package ergonomically designed for handheld operation and portability. Please note that this camera is not compatible with NTSC playback and display systems. The camera incorporates a 10x f/2.8 to 5.6 SLR-style manual zoom lens with auto and manual focus capability. The 4K recording in a compact form factor is made possible by the camera's 1" CMOS sensor that is backed by a DIGIC DV 5 image processor. With a 4224 x 3164 total resolution, it is able to capture video at up to 3840 x 2160, and 4:3 photos in up to 12-megapixels (4000 x 3000). The 8.9 to 89mm lens yields a 35mm equivalent focal length of 27.3 to 273mm in video mode, and 24.1 to 241mm in the 4:3 photo modes. Video is recorded with H.264 compression and packed in the widely supported MXF wrapper. Bit rates of 35 and 50 Mbps are available for 1080i/p recording, and there are 205 and 305 Mbps modes for Ultra HD.

The size of the XC10E lends the camera to run-and-gun applications, such as documentary and many types of event shooting where the larger form factor of an interchangeable-lens cinema camera or DSLR might prove impractical. Another obvious use case for high performance in a small body is mounting on a medium-sized UAV such as a hexa-rotor. The camera features a hot shoe that can support Canon Speedlite flashes or work as a standard cold shoe for LEDs, microphones, or other third-party on-camera accessories. Still photos, user settings, and video up to and including 1080p are recorded to SDHC/SDXC memory cards. To handle the up to 305 Mbps bit-rate of 4K video, there is a CFast 2.0 card slot.


DIGIC DV 5 Image Processor
Designed and built by Canon, the DIGIC DV 5 Image Processor uses proprietary circuits and architecture designed to retain high image quality with minimal compression artifacts, even when applying complex compression algorithms such as those required by H.264. All this while maintaining low power consumption and minimal heat output for better battery life and less chance of overheating.
Canon Log Gamma and Wide DR Gamma
Canon Log records an image with subdued contrast and sharpness, which preserves a high dynamic range and presupposes color grading in postproduction. Canon Log Gamma emphasizes rich gradients from mid-range to highlights, resulting in up to 12 stops of dynamic range.

For those who would rather not grade in post, Wide DR Gamma yields wide dynamic range by suppressing brightness while maintaining gradations, but is designed to produce finished-looking images without requiring any color grading in post-production.
100 to 20,000 ISO Range
With a wide ISO range of 100 to 20,000—coupled with iris and shutter speed control—the XC10E is able to electronically adjust to a range of lighting conditions, from broad daylight to dimly lit rooms. For those more experienced in the video world, there is also the option to use gain values rather than ISO. Gain can be set in the range of 0 to 42 dB. To help avoid excessive noise, limits can be defined for both gain and ISO when using auto exposure modes.
3" LCD Display
For monitoring, playback, and menu access, the XC10E features a 3", 1,030,000-dot LCD. It features a full 100% coverage so there will be no worries about pesky boom mics or other protrusions creeping unnoticed into the edge of a shot. The screen is capacitive-touch sensitive allowing you to access settings that do not have dedicated buttons provided.
CFast 2.0 and SD Card Slots
For everyday photo and video capture (up to 1080p), there is an SDHC/SDXC card slot. An SD card can also be used to store user customizations. To accommodate the up to 305 Mbps that 4K video capture requires, there is a separate CFast 2.0 card slot.
720p High Framerate Recording
Capture 100 fps for PAL to create slow motion effects. These high-speed frame rates are recorded in either 35 or 50 Mbps.
Ergonomic Design with Tilting Grip
You can mount the XC10E to a tripod or other stabilization device, but it is designed to be comfortable handheld as well. The handgrip features a photo/video mode selection toggle, record start/stop button, and exposure rotary all accessible by index finger for easy one-handed operation. The grip also tilts up to 90 degrees, helping you to shoot from high or low angles.
SLR-Style Lens Operation
The 10x optical zoom lens features dedicated focus and zoom rings, providing the feel of a typical DSLR lens.
In the Box
Canon XC10E 4K Professional Camcorder (PAL)
  • Lens Cap
  • Hood Unit
  • Viewfinder Unit
  • RC-6 Wireless Remote Control
  • LP-E6N Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1865mAh)
  • CA-570 Compact AC Power Adapter
  • AC Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Interface Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Limited 90-Day Warranty


Canon XC10E 4K Professional Camcorder (PAL)

Canon XC10E 4K Professional

Product Highlights 1" CMOS Sensor and DIGIC DV 5 Processor Ultra HD 4K at 25p 305/205 Mb/s H.264 Recording in MXF Wrapper CFast 2.0 and SDHC/SDXC Card Slots HDMI Output, Supports 4K Monitoring 10x Zoom / 8.9 to 89mm Focal Length f/2.8 to 5.6 Aperture Range 160 to 20,000 ISO ...
  • Manufactured by: Canon